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Washington Waterfowl Association

Washington Waterfowl Association (WWA)

At WWA, we've always taken our wildlife seriously, but never more so than today. With the reduction in the amount of habitat available to them, waterfowl need our help now more than ever to provide the safe havens they need. We are here to help achieve that goal by conducting waterfowl/wildlife conservation programs in conjunction with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Ducks Unlimited, and many others.

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Founded in 1945 to preserve and enhance Washington's waterfowl, wetlands, and outdoor heritage, our video shows the various projects our members participate in. We have 11 chapters across the state, come join us! Visit our Membership page.

Mission Statement

We strive to preserve, protect, and improve the sport of waterfowling, particularly in the State of Washington. To that end, we are involved in the following activities: We teach respect for all waterfowl species, and improve habitat for them. We conduct educational programs related to waterfowl, conservation, sportsmanship, and hunter safety. We study, advisee, recommend, and secure enactment of legislation in the interest of waterfowl hunting. And, we have a lot of fun!


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